Team Development Coach

A well-functioning team creates innovative and holistic solutions – on time! In order to reach these goals, it is important that everyone works in the same direction.

  • Are you satisfied with the team’s results?
  • Does your team have sufficient skills?
  • Is the team sufficiently diverse in its constellation?
  • Is it possible to shorten project time?
  • Are deadlines being met?

ANTROPE Team Coach is dedicated to teams aspiring to strengthen co-operation and results. ANTROPE uncovers organisations and teams current situations, and in co-operation with managers and team members, a customised program will be designed for the team.

Team development coaching session
team work

Team Development Portfolio:

Below are Team development training programmes and workshops for management teams and teams in general.

Our track record shows a significant gain of awareness amongst the teams coached by ANTROPE. In addition to this the following benefits have been obtained:

  • Their strengths have become more predominat
  • Being more supportive and honest in their collaboration process
  • Have learnt to give more constructive feedback to each other, thereby enhancing team performance.

ANTROPE can optimise team co-operation and results by:

  • Creating vision and mission for the team
  • Gaining clarity of action steps and success criteria
  • Finding the way to new solutions and possibilities
  • Evaluating the teams’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving communication and shortening project time
  • Putting an end to fire-fighting mode of operation and getting one step ahead

As a team, it can sometimes be a challenge to move in one direction and get everyone to commit to the overall goal. A Coach can support your team to find a common ground and work towards the team’s goals and vision within the company. 

Description of the Team Coach Process:

  • Initial meeting with the organisation to analyse the team’s need
  • 1 or 2 days with the team to structure challenges
  • Facilitate action plan drawn up by the team
  • 1 day of follow up with the team to ensure progress

Team training prices:

1 day: € 2.400,00 excluding vat, gst or tax.

1/2 day: € 1.350,00 excluding vat, gst or tax.

The price does not include trainer’s transportation cost, training facilities, food or SDI/metaprogram tests.