This training is for leaders and teams

The coaching and feedback training is aimed at leaders who wish to improve their leadership skills in order to become more conscoius leaders yielding better business results.

Coaching and feedback training  enable leaders and colleagues to give more constructive feedback, thereby enhancing team and company performance. The course also increases the leaders’ ability to select coaching or feedback depending on the situation.

coaching and feedback training session
Feedback and Coaching session

The Coaching & Feedback programme: 

  • Practical exercises to improve coaching and feedback skills
  • Learn to distinguish between coaching and feedback and make the correct choice
  • Reflecting teams
  • Theory and methods to breakdown mental barriers
  • Personal action plan based on most important focus areas
  • Ability to plan, carry through and evaluate a feedback or coaching session
  • Increase the awareness of own strengths and weaknesses – and how to benefit from these in team environment
  • Time duration: 1 or 2 days