Metaprogram training for leaders and teams

The Metaprogram training will give a much greater awareness of the differences across the team.

Through the metaprogram training you will gain a thorough understanding of the different archetypes in the team and also a deeper insight into your own personal communicative preferences.

Understand behaviour through metaprograms

The Metaprogram training consists of: 

  • Presentation of metaprograms
  • Based on Carl Jung’s archetypes, where NLP (Neuro Lingvistic Programming) has expanded these personality types to 12 dimensions and 29 types
  • Test and individual profile for every participant
  • A presentation of NLP and communication tools
  • Individual as well as team exercises
  • SWOT and action plan for the team
  • Team profile can be made as an extended workshop
  • Time duration: 1/2 day workshop of 1 full day of training