Coaching Process - What to expect

ANTROPE offers life and business coaching. Whether you choose to focus on a goal related to your personal life or business life the overall coaching process will be similar in many ways even though the topics are very different.

If you want to know more about business coaching you read about it here: Business Coaching. And if you want to read more about life coaching please choose: Life Coaching

Coaching Service
Business coaching session

Compared to other forms of training, coaching is a “just in time” learning method where current problems and challenges are dealt with. The Coach’s role is to give the key which unlocks an individual’s potential, maximising the realisation of his or her potential within a personal or business context.

The Coaching Process:

The process of coaching is typically based on a period of 1-4 months in its initial stage depending on which coaching package you have chosen, to ensure that progression takes place and results are taken to the next level.

  • First session: 1,5 hours
  • Normal session: 1 hour
  • Between sessions: Tasks will be given to you by agreement.
  • Where: The coaching sessions will take place online. Under certain circumstances the business coaching sessions can take place at the customer’s business location.  Life coaching will always take place online.
  • 3, 5 or 10 sessions with a professional Coach depending on the coaching package chosen. You can read more about the packages in the outline belo