SDI 2.0 Training: Strength Deployment Inventory - Preventing conflict.

SDI 2.0® is a tool to strengthen the relationships internally in the organisation and thereby increase productivity and profit.

SDI 2.0®, Strength Deployment Inventory®, is an excellent tool to help prevent and deal with conflicts and improve relationships and team work. SDI is developed by Dr. Elias H. Porter and is based on his Relationship Awareness Theory — a learning model that helps identify and understand the motivation behind our behaviour.

Typical situations where insight in SDI can be of use is when It’s a challenge to get the team to go in the same direction or the start-up of a new team, a multicultural team or multisiteproject which gives challenges, because of differences in perceptions of agreements, or when there are communication problems between employees or departments.

SDI Understanding conflict triggers
SDI preventing conflict in teams

The better we understand employees motivations and what moves them to conflict in the first place, the more likely we can prevent conflict in the future. The prevention of conflict consistently over time will definately lead to higher productivity and prosperity in business.

The SDI 2.0 workshop can be conducted as a virtual training session through Teams or Zoom or if you would rather have an in-person training session then that is possible as well.


The outcome and content of the SDI workshop:

  • Insight into relationships, roles and strengths
  • SDI: Motivational system – understanding of motivation and relationships developed by psychologist Elias H. Porter.
  • Understanding behaviour under pressure and under normal circumstances  – find out the motives behind behaviour
  • Individual SDI 2.0 assessment
  • Know the strengths of each team member
  • The team will gain an overview of all team members motivational preference and conflict direction of the team
  • Process and dialogue concerning the team’s results
  • Action plan for the team
  • Heightened engagement and increased productivity
  • Strenghten the understanding of differences/diversity in the
    team or department and use it as an advantage
  • Gives insight and knowledge of conflict handling strategies
  • Time duration: 1/2 day workshop of 1 full day of training