Business Coaching

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching

Coaching for leaders in private and public organisations.

ANTROPE offers team and leadership development for international knowledge and service organisations.


It gives value to hire a Coach when:


If you or your organisation needs to:

  • Strengthen management & team performance
  • Focus on leadership training and development
  • Improve communication level within team work
  • Find new and better solutions to current challenges
  • Reach goals in time

ANTROPE can support your organisation by giving you:


  • Conscious use of manager strengths  
  • Solutions to mental obstacles on the path towards success
  • Room to create realisation of human potential
  • Asking the questions that opens up for new and better solutions
  • Listening to the organisations’ needs and delivering the right methods

Team Coach

A well-functioning team creates innovative and holistic solutions – on time! In order to reach these goals, it is important that everyone works in the same direction.


  • Are you satisfied with the team’s results?
  • Does your team have sufficient skills?
  • Is the team very diverse in its constellation?
  • Is it possible to shorten project time?
  • Are deadlines being kept?


ANTROPE Team Coach is for teams who want to strengthen co-operation and results. 


ANTROPE uncovers organisations and teams current situations, and in co-operation with managers and team members, a customised program will be designed for the team.


ANTROPE can optimise team co-operation and results by:


  • Creating vision and mission for the team
  • Gaining clarity of action steps and success criteria
  • Finding the way to new solutions and possibilities
  • Overviewing the teams’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating visibility with regard to team deliveries
  • Improving communication and shortening project time
  • Ending the fire-fighting mode of operation and getting one step ahead


As a team, it can sometimes be a challenge to move in one direction and get everyone to commit to the overall goal. A Coach can support your team to find a common ground and work towards the team’s goals and vision in the company. 


 How – Team Coach Process:


  • Initial meeting with the organisation to uncover the team's need
  • 1 or 2 days with the team to work with the challenges
  • Facilitate action plan made by the team
  • 1 day of follow up with the team to ensure progress


Training Programmes and Workshops

Team development training programmes and workshops for management teams and teams in general.

The teams ANTROPE have worked with have gained a much greater awareness of their strengths, being more supportive and honest in their collaboration process, and have learnt to give more constructive feedback to each other, thereby enhancing team performance.

Team development portfolio:

  • Coaching & feedback training
  • Situational leadership training
  • Team building day
  • Metaprograms (NLP)
  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI): preventing conflict

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